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Adobe InDesign CS6 Level 1 - Course Information
Name: Adobe InDesign CS6 Level 1
Category: Adobe Creative Suite
Length (Days): 1
Course Price (CAD): 295
InDesign is covered comprehensively, including basic layout, text and graphics manipulation, drawing tools (bezier curves), color creation and application, paragraph, master pages, multiple pages, baseline grid, libraries, and much more. Essential typography rules are also covered.
Before taking this course, the student must have basic PC skills, including a basic understanding of a computer's operating system, how to launch an application and create and save files, as well as how to copy files from CDs and other media.
• New features in InDesign CS
• InDesign workflow overview

• The Document window
• Navigating your document
• Rulers and measurements
• The Tools
• The Tool panel
• Keyboard shortcuts
• Contextual menus

Creating a Document
• New documents
• Margin and column guides
• Layout adjustment
• Ruler guides
• Libraries and snippets
• Saving

Managing Pages
• Inserting, deleting, and moving pages
• Sections, page numbers, and chapter numbers
• Creating and applying master pages
• Overriding master page items

• Text frames
• Importing text
• Threading text frames
• The Story Editor
• Spelling, Auto Correct
• Finding and changing text

• Importing graphics
• Frame fitting options
• The Links panel
• Embedding links
• Formatting Objects
• Selecting objects
• Basic strokes and fills
• Object Effects
• The Eyedropper tool
• Finding and changing object formatting

Managing Objects
• Stacking objects
• Nesting objects
• Editing frame and path shapes
• Grouping and locking objects
• Aligning and distributing
• Text wrap
• Transforming Objects
• Duplicating, Rotating, Scaling and Skewing
• The Transform Again command

Character Formatting
• Basic character styling
• Finding and changing text formatting
• The Find Font command
• Paragraph formatting
• Drop caps, Hyphenation, Justification, Tabs
• The Align to Baseline Grid button
• The Keep Options command
• Paragraph rules
• Automatic bullets and Numbering paragraphs

• Character styles
• Paragraph styles
• Object styles
• Load styles

• Creating color swatches
• Gradient swatches

• Exporting a PDF JPG EPS
• Exporting stories
• Printing
• Preflight
• Packaging for output
• The Print dialog box
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