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Adobe Illustrator - Course Information
Name: Adobe Illustrator
Category: Adobe Creative Suite
Length (Days): 2
Course Price (CAD): 590
Adobe Illustrator has long been the most popular and viable vector-drawing program on the market. this course covers how to use the core drawing and shape tools, the transformation and reshaping features, text and gradients, and color management and printing features, advanced drawing tools, work with text styles in Illustrator. Even if learning Illustrator has been a struggle in the past, this time it is going to make sense.
Previous knowledge of this application is not required.

Participants should have good Windows operating skills .This includes understanding being able to navigate the Windows hierarchy, as well as being able to open and close files in an application.
Create a New Document
• Customize the Workspace
• Draw Basic Shapes with the Shape Tools
• Draw Basic Freeform Shapes with the Pencil Tool

Creating graphics using simple shapes
• Format Objects
• Manipulate Objects
• Insert Type

Creating graphics using custom paths
• Draw Paths with the Pen Tool
• Modify Existing Shapes
• Duplicate Objects
• Apply Graphic Styles

Enhancing type
• Apply Gradients to Type
• Flow Type on a Path
• Apply an Envelope to Type

Manipulating body type
• Import Body Type
• Find and Replace Text
• Fix Spelling Errors

Creating an advertisement
• Import a Graphic
• Align Objects
• Apply Spot Colors
• Wrap Text
• Export a File

Working with live paint
• Creating a Live Paint Group
• Adding Additional Fills & Strokes
• Integrating Live Trace & Detecting Gaps
• Using Live Paint to Color an Illustration

File formats
• Exporting graphics to use in other applications such as Word, PowerPoint and InDesign.

Advanced selection techniques
• Selecting with the Lasso Tool
• Selecting with the Magic Wand Tool

Advanced path editing
• Working with Compound Paths
• Editing Compound Paths
• Dividing Objects

Blends & clipping masks
• Creating Blends between Two Shapes
• Working with Clipping Masks
• Applying Clipping Masks & Blends

Gradients & gradient meshes
• Applying a Gradient

Artistic effects & the brush tool
• Introducing the Brush Tool
• Stroke Options & Art Brush Options
• Working with Scatter Brushes
• Working with Pattern Brushes

Working with pen tool
• Hand tracing photographs and art work
• Creating a template layer

Using dynamic type treatments
• Applying Graphic Styles
• Applying Warp Effects
• Applying Graphic Styles to Text
• Creating Graphic Styles

Using 3D effects
• Introducing 3D Effects
• Adding 3D Effects to Text
• Mapping Artwork to a D Object
• Applying the 3D Revolve Effect
• Applying the 3D Rotate Effect

Creating graphs
• Creating a Basic Graph
• Adding Basic Formatting
• Importing Data into a Graph

Working with templates
• Setting Text Wrap
• Organizing Layers
• Creating & Using Paragraph Styles
• Saving as a Template
• Creating New Files from Templates
• Exploring Illustrator's Standard Templates

Printing & exporting
• Preparing Illustrator Files for Print
• Looking at the Saving Options
• Exporting Artwork
• Using a Smart Art Object
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