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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Level 1 - Course Information
Name: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Level 1
Category: Adobe Creative Suite
Length (Days): 2
Course Price (CAD): 590
Photoshop has become an indispensible tool for photographers, designers, and all other creative professionals, as well as students. Photoshop Level 1 teaches a broad spectrum of core skills that are common to many creative fields: working with layers and selections; adjusting, manipulating, and retouching photos; painting; adding text; automating; preparing files for output, advanced selection and layer techniques; and more.

This course is indispensable to those who are new to the application, just learning this version, or expanding their skills.
Previous knowledge of this application is not required.

Participants should have good Windows operating skills .This includes being able to navigate the Windows hierarchy, as well as being able to open and close files in an application.
Photoshop Overview
• What Photoshop can do
• Overview of workspace and UI

Creating documents / opening documents
• Panning and zooming your image

Selecting Parts of the Photograph
• Mastering the Marquee tool
• Using the Move tool
• Making selections using the Lasso tool
• Working with the Magic Wand and Quick Select tools

Sizing Images
• Resizing images and resolution
• Cropping images
• Transforming and rotating images

Repairing and Color Correcting Images
• Repairing images with the Healing Brush
• Changing colors using the Color Replacement tool
• Fixing images with the Clone tool
• Blurring and sharpening an image
• Enhancing images with the Sponge, Dodge and Burn
• Enhancing and Hand‐painting Photographs
• Sampling colors – tools and shortcuts
• Painting with the Brush tool
• Filling selections with the Paint Bucket
• Painting in time with the History Brush
• Erasing pixels – tools and workflows
• Using and customizing gradients

Creating Type and Shapes
• Creating shapes using the Shape tool
• Creating text in your document using the Text tool
• Modifying the text using the Character panel

Color Adjustments
• Picking the right color using the Color Picker
• Adjusting tonal value with Levels
• Using the brightness and contrast adjustments

Creating Composite Images with Layers
• Mastering the Layer panel
• Using blending modes and transparency

Saving Photographs / Choosing File Formats
• Publishing your images to the web as a gallery
• Creating panoramic images using Photomerge
• Saving images for the web, using various compression settings
• Saving images for print

New Features
• Customizing your workspace
• Measuring and counting objects in your image
• Creating rich black and white images
• Using Smart Filters to stack filters
• New Curve features
• New Clone tool features
• Align Layers for composition

Advanced Selection Techniques
• Making selections using the QuickMask mode
• Storing selections using Alpha channels
• Creating paths from selections
• Extracting images from the background
• Using Guides, Snapping and Aligning

Advanced Layer Techniques
• Mastering the Layer Mask
• Clipping layers and grouping

Non‐destructive editing with Smart Objects
• Selecting and storing colors, creating custom styles
• Adjustment Layers for non‐destructive color correction

Print Projects
• Integrating Photoshop with InDesign and Illustrator

Web Projects
• Integrating Photoshop with Dreamweaver and Flash
• Slicing images for the web
• Animating graphics in Photoshop

Automating Tasks
• Creating multiple layouts using the Layer Comp panel
• Leaving notes in your image using the Annotation tool
• Creating snapshots and using actions
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