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Excel Power BI Tools Level 2: Power Query, Power Map, Power View - Course Information
Name: Excel Power BI Tools Level 2: Power Query, Power Map, Power View
Category: Microsoft Office Suite
Length (Days): 1
Course Price (CAD): 395
Users will be introduced to Excel’s newest set of power tools designed to manipulate and display data.
Participants should have basic Windows operating skills (Computers 101 class or equivalent). This includes understanding the basic operation of a mouse and keyboard, being able to navigate the Windows hierarchy, as well as being able to open and close files in an application.

Participants should also have experience with Excel’s basic functions (eg. Excel 2010 or 2013 Level 1) and have taken the first course in the Excel Power BI Tools series (Dashboards and Power Pivot for Excel).
Connect to a web data source
• Add a Wikipedia page data source

Shape data in the subject table
• Remove other columns to only display columns of interest
• Replace values to clean up values in a selected column
• Filter values in a column
• Name a query
• Load the query to a worksheet

Reviewing Power Query steps created

Power View
• Get started with Power View
• Data sources for Power View
• Create charts and other visualizations
• Filter and highlight data
• Slicers
• Sorting
• Create Map-based Power View Reports
• Share Power View reports in SharePoint
• Print Power View reports
• Set Power View reporting properties in Power Pivot

Power Map
• Getting Started with PowerMap
• Get and prep your data for Power Map
• Explore your data in a Power Map tour
• Geocode your Power Map data
• Move around in Power Map
• Visualize your data in Power Map
• Change the look of your Power Map
• Create a custom map in Power Map
• Add or move a scene in a Power Map tour
• Filter data in a Power Map tour
• Change Power Map time options
• Export a Power Map tour as a video
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